Archive | August, 2004

Sixth Sense

Perhaps the most intriguing marketing story of the year comes in the form of a dancing, old (at least he looks old), bald man with oversized glasses wearing a black tuxedo. He’s Mr. Six, and while his true identity may be a mystery, his ability to capture the imagination certainly isn’t. Debbie Nauser says it’s […]

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Bench players

Massachusetts does not use public elections to decide who holds judgeships. Some say it should — even though attorneys close to the system say that there’s no way the average citizen could understand all the complexities that go into sentencing decisions. Earlier this summer, the proprietor of a Holyoke Dairy Mart was shot to death […]

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Building Boom

Several buildings are under construction and more are planned for an industrial park in East Longmeadow, which is filling quickly thanks to a combination of factors ranging from a more favorable economy to low property taxes in the rapidly growing community. The pace of progress has a downside, however, as it demonstrates just how little […]

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