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Seeing the Lighthouse Debbie Calvanese, placement manager of Lighthouse in Spring-field, congratulates Paul Olson, senior director of ARAMARK, on its Massachusetts Clubhouse Coalition ‘Employer of the Year’ award, presented last month. At left is Jeffrey Colby, a Lighthouse member. Lighthouse is one of four clubhouses operated by Springfield-based Human Resources Unlimited that provide job opportunities […]

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UMass System Needs Independent Campuses The debate about governance at the University of Massachusetts, motivated by President Jack M. Wilson’s vision for “one university,” has paid scant attention to the history of state university systems. Across the nation are experiments that enable us to draw conclusions about the elements necessary to achieve the highest level […]

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Some Legal Considerations for the Process of Going Green

“Going green” is more than just a catchy slogan or marketing campaign. To truly “go green” is to comply with a series of state, federal, and international laws and directives. Whether complying with a local ordinance pertaining to recycling or a European Union directive restricting the use of heavy metals in electronics, there are many […]

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Candy Laflam

New Breed of Entrepreneur

With Pampered Pet Sitting, Animals Don’t Have to Ruff It Face it: family vacations are no picnic for the family dog or cat. Even conscientious kennels offer little beyond some fresh air, regular meals, and maybe a little playtime: a safe place for Fido or Fluffy, but nothing resembling home. That’s why Candy Laflam asks: […]

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