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It’s Time to Get the Message

Why Your Customers Will Never Be the Same ‘Let’s put it all behind us.’ These few words capture Americans’ unquenchable optimism. If there’s a roadblock, we go around it, and no hurdle is ever too high. Nothing stops us. We regroup and move on. Besides, tomorrow will be a better day. Without such a heritage, […]

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Contrarian Marketing

How to Take Advantage of Economic Uncertainty As an investor, you wouldn’t buy high and sell low, would you? At least you wouldn’t do it deliberately. However, we all know that a common knee-jerk reaction to a down stock market is to sell at precisely the wrong time. Savvy management of your company’s marketing outreach […]

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Spreading the Word

Why ‘Viral Marketing’ Is Catching On Hear word of anything ‘viral,’ and our first response is to cover our mouths and wash our hands. In the case of viral marketing, however, companies of all sizes are embracing this burgeoning advertising tactic and learning how to leverage it, and thus fostering a healthier bottom line. The […]

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Scrambled Nest Eggs

A Long-term View Can Help Investors Secure Their Future A slowing economy impacts people’s daily lives in many ways, but for those with money tied up in stocks or other investment vehicles, market turmoil can seem like a threat to their future, too. But most analysts say that keeping one’s eye on long-term investment goals […]

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