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Inclusion Incorporated

Those Driving Diversity Say This Is a Matter Involving Everyone Visael (Bobby) Rodriguez was exaggerating, but clearly making a point when he said that there are “probably a million” definitions of the word ‘diversity’ being put to use in businesses and organizations across the country. He has his own. “Diversity includes everyone; specifically, it is […]

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The SO Factor

How to Make Your Business Stand Out In the Marketplace Everything has become a commodity; we constantly find more inexpensive versions of the same things. Companies quickly catch up with what others have done — and even a good idea quickly becomes ‘commodicized.’ How do you keep your edge? How do you get remembered? How […]

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Another Groundbreaking Initiative

Development Associates Is Adding to Its Westover Portfolio It never gets old, but Ken Vincunas certainly has this routine down pat. On July 29, a groundbreaking ceremony at Westover Airpark West in Chicopee will signal the start of construction on a 72,000-square-foot multi-tenant industrial complex that Vincunas and his company, Agawam-based Development Associates, are undertaking […]

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