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Mark Adams

Tool or Trouble?

Social Media Poses Opportunities and Traps for Employers Business owners and managers are increasingly realizing that social media is here to stay, but it’s not easy to craft workplace policies for social networking that are effective and enforceable. The challenges arise in three sticky areas: personal online activity during work time, companies controlling their own […]

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Charlotte Cathro

Business Gift-tax Considerations

Always Remember the Rules of Deductibility The holidays are upon us, and many practices or individual physicians feel it is important to show appreciation to their customers, employees, and business contacts. Gifts can be a great way to stay top of the mind through what can be a slow season. If it wasn’t difficult enough […]

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Investment Key to a Resurgent Springfield While visiting Grand Rapids, Mich. recently, several members of a delegation from Greater Springfield (see related story page 20) — participants in a program called City2City — engaged in a little game of ‘what if …’ “Suppose a group from Grand Rapids were to come to the City of […]

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