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Life Savers

St. Germain Investment Management Gets Personal When gauging the reputation of St. Germain Investment Management, Tim Suffish says, one measure is the number of non-clients who call out of the blue. “It happens all the time,” he said. “People call with questions, and we just give the advice. We’re more than happy to take the […]

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Priming the Pump

Wellspring Initiative Strives to Create a Steady Stream of New Jobs Bob Demerjian says he saw the ad last fall on a state website featuring job postings. It caught his eye for several reasons. For starters, he had been unemployed for some time, and realistic opportunities to rejoin the workforce had become quite scarce. But […]

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Meetings of the Minds

Click Workspace Puts Members on Collision Courses ‘Collisions.’ That’s the term Paul Silva absolutely wore out as he talked about what happens when entrepreneurs — or ‘crazy people,’ as he calls them — as well as creative types, such as writers, editors, musicians, and website designers, get together in close quarters. “There are collisions — […]

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When Shoppers Become Targets

Banking Leaders Say Retailers Should Bear Burden of Data Breaches When it comes to data breaches and identity theft, Target isn’t the only target. The retail chain made news of the worst sort in December when it reported a security breach that compromised the financial information of tens of millions of customers. The fallout affected […]

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