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The Challenge for Deval Patrick

The countdown to the start of the Deval Patrick era continues, as does the speculation about what will happen once he assumes office. While some in the Bay State are wary about a Democrat in the corner office (there hasn’t been one for 16 years) and the loss of some brand of checks and balances, […]

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Some Executive Decisions for Springfield

There was much ado lately about the compensation awarded to the CEOs of area hospitals. The published salary figures, transposed against layoffs at one area hospital and only fair financial performance at most area facilities, raised some eyebrows and drew more than a few letters to area editors suggesting that some of these administrators were […]

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Time to Make the Past History

When it was first announced that Springfield would be the subject of an Urban Land Institute (ULI) study, we expressed worry that the panel assigned the task might well come back with a report outlining basically what we already knew. There was certainly some of that when the report’s highlights were unveiled late last month. […]

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Encouraging Small Business

While some in this region still cling to the hope that large corporations will magically appear on the Western Mass. horizon, bringing hundreds of those ‘good-paying jobs’ with them, everyone else seems to have accepted reality. And that is that those days — if there ever really were any in this specific part of the […]

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