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Coping with ‘Presenteeism’

With cold and flu season upon us, some interesting challenges for employers and employees alike arise. ‘Presenteeism,’ a newly coined term which means being present at work while sick or for some other reason disengaged from your assigned work, can be extremely detrimental to organizations and their workforce. Traditionally, the focus of most organizations has […]

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Making the 1031 Exchange Work for You

It’s not uncommon for property owners to face significant capital gains (and the consequential tax) in the sale of real estate, either through accumulated depreciation or appreciating asset value, or the combination of both. Rather than pay the capital gain tax and reinvest the difference in another property, the 1031 Exchange allows the taxpayer to […]

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Springfield Doesn’t Need a Garage Sale

The headline in the local newspaper read, ‘Springfield Mulls Garage Sale,’ or something to that effect. Given the current sad state of fiscal affairs here, one might have given that a quick look and proceeded to conjure up images of a giant tag sale staged to help raise some revenue to pay teachers or keep […]

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And Now, A Little Optimism

As 2005 winds to a close, economic analysts are focusing their attention on the year ahead and what it might bring. For the most part, the forecasters aren’t very hopeful. Indeed, they look at the recent surge in energy prices, the prospects for higher interest rates, and continued losses of population and innovative talent in […]

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