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Past Is Prologue

Why? That’s the question that dominates the mayoral candidacy of Charles V. Ryan. Why would someone 76 years old — who first had this job when JFK and then LBJ were in the White House, nearly a decade before I-91 was finished, and when the United States Armory was still the largest employer in the […]

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A Different Spin

Bob Penicka, the new president and COO of Top-Flite Golf Company, has a difficult assignment: reversing the company’s fortunes at a time when golf equipment sales are declining and industry analysts don’t know when they’ll bounce back. He believes that by refocusing some marketing efforts and tweaking already-efficient manufacturing processes, the company can drive higher […]

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Blazing a Trail

C2C Systems, a Reading, England-based company with an American subsidiary based in Springfield, recently added NASA to its client list. The space administration was looking for help trying to track a flow of E-mails among engineers in the days before and after the Columbia disaster. C2C is making a name for itself in this emerging […]

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What Goes Around

Business owners who feel aggrieved often believe the courthouse is their first, best option. But business lawyers say that cool heads must prevail in such situations, and parties must always be aware of the potential for a counterclaim. The deal with Interstate Litho Corp. was going to be the biggest of Marc Brown’s career. Brown, […]

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