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Balance of Power

Rising Fuel Costs Force Tough Decisions for Businesses It’s an election year, so it’s no surprise that, as soaring energy costs fuel increasing concern across America, the rhetoric is flowing as freely as $4-per-gallon gas. A Congressional panel recently called a group of oil-company CEOs on the carpet, berating them for profiteering during an economic […]

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David Garvey

Open for Business

Not everyone works a 9-to-5 work schedule, David Garvey said. So why should everyone have the same scheduling options when choosing a gym? That’s the philosophy behind Snap Fitness 24-7, a national chain of workout centers that stay open all the time, catering to fitness enthusiasts morning, afternoon, and well into the night. In fact, […]

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Network News

FieldEddy Strives to Grow Its Family and Strengthen Its Brand Sam Hanmer says it was nothing personal, and certainly not a knock on one of the company’s early executives. No, the decision to drop ‘Bulkley’ — as in Chester B. Bulkley — from the corporate name Field Eddy & Bulkley was taken in an attempt […]

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Bridging the Gap

Workforce Conference Will Address Recruitment and Retention Issues Considering how many other challenges exist in maintaining a productive workforce, one thing companies don’t need is a bunch of employees staring blankly across a generation gap, confused by what they see. “There are two issues for employers,” said Greg Michael, executive director of Human Resources and […]

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