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The Transition Game

Many Are Finding New, Rewarding Careers in Health Care One worked as an electrician, another as an advertising production specialist, and a third for the post office. They all had decent jobs with good companies, but something was missing from the equation in each case. So the individuals in question transitioned into careers in health […]

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Aaron Berman

Not Just Knowing, but Doing

Hampshire College Thrives by Letting Students Take Charge “If we look back at the history of our country, the things we celebrate are outside the mainstream,” a graduate of Hampshire College said — a man who has a better feel for American history than most. “Much of the world operated under a tyrannical model,” he […]

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Ben Rodriguez

Exploring Healthy Options

Teen Mini Medical School Introduces High-schoolers to Medical Careers Henry Figueredo is the executive director of the Parent Information Center for Springfield Public Schools, and a former elementary school principal in the city. From his beginnings as a physical education teacher, he has spent a successful 32 years in the Springfield system. Yet he wonders […]

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Janice Walker

Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Senior Citizens Grapple with the Challenges of Hearing Loss Imagine, Jeanne Coburn said, a man in his 70s, sitting with his doctor, answering routine medical questions. “In this day of electronic medical records, the doctor is looking down at his laptop, and the patient can’t hear everything because the words aren’t traveling right toward him,” […]

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