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Learning a Lesson from China China has shed its fabled economic isolation and is now a world-class trader that uses its advantages of size, scale and cost to compete in the international marketplace. The consensus is that within a generation or two, China’s economy will equal America’s. How did China advance so dramatically? Historically, China […]

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Building an Entrepreneurial Infrastructure

Minor League Baseball. A decade or so ago, this simple phrase stirred nostalgia and hope among area residents. That was a time when several parties were working hard to bring baseball back to Springfield after a three-decade hiatus following the departure of the Springfield Giants, who once drew crowds to Pynchon Park. These days, however, […]

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UMass at the Crossroads

"We have to save the place or change it." That was the message UMass-Amherst Chancellor John Lombar-di left with state legislators at a hearing last month held by the recently created Committee on Higher Education. Lombardi told the panel, which includes state Sen. Rosenberg, D-Amherst, that the campus is at a critical crossroads and, "under […]

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The Importance of Workforce Development

When the topic of discussion is economic development, most people think about jobs. Specifically, they think about bringing jobs to a region from elsewhere. They think about large manufacturing plants that employ hundreds, if not thousands. They think about new and emerging fields, like bioscience, and the jobs they could create. All of the above […]

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