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Powerful Statement

Hadley-based Venture Has Big Plans for ‘Small Wind’ When Patrick Quinlan and Bill Stein went about the task of assigning a name to the company they started in 2012 to design, build, and service small wind turbines, they quickly settled on ‘Black Island.’ That phrase may not mean much to most people — Quinlan joked […]

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Joseph Swartz

Breaking Ground

Amherst Farmer Refines Method of Growing Plants Without Soil Imagine growing 120,000 pounds of food each year without any soil on top of public housing in the Bronx. Although the idea may sound farfetched, itai??i??s not a fantasy. Instead, itai??i??s one of many projects that Joe Swartz of Swartz Family Farm in North Amherst has […]

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This bin of circuit boards

Components of a Success Story

Gold Circuit E-Cycling Carves Out a Unique Niche Matt Pronovost calls it his “museum wall.” It’s little more than a few wooden shelves in the back of the room cluttered with what could only be described as electronic artifacts, especially if you’re under age 40. There are a few 8-track players in the mix, two […]

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Kristi Reale, CPA, CVA

Understanding Form 3468

‘Going Green’ Investment-tax Credits Have Many Benefits ‘Going green’ is a term that is rapidly gaining momentum in our economy. No longer an ideal for just the early adopters or the environmentally conscientious, going green, or investing in processes, equipment, and energy that are environmentally sustainable, is becoming a distinctive tool for many businesses. Customers […]

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