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Careers in Health Law Are Diverse and Often Surprising

Positive Prognosis The field of law that focuses specifically on healthcare is diverse, challenging, and constantly changing, and that presents growth opportunities at a time when some fields of law are seeing job stagnation. But many law students aren’t aware of these possibilities, which run the gamut from malpractice litigation to end-of-life planning; from medical-records […]

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Marylou Fabbo

Accommodating Religions in the Workplace

Law Column By Marylou Fabbo During the holiday season, employers may have been faced with a variety of religion-related requests such as whether they may display certain religious icons in their work areas. Throughout the year, employees may want time off to observe certain holy days rather than conforming to the employer’s holiday schedule, request […]

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Weinstein Story Provides an Important Wake-up Call

The Big Picture While large in scale and scope, the unfolding Harvey Weinstein story nonetheless offers invaluable lessons to employers in every sector about their responsibilities and the steps they must take to protect their employees and themselves. That’s the main takeaway from this matter, according to several employment-law attorneys, who note that the main […]

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Eric Gouvin

WNEU School of Law Adjusts to an Altered Landscape

Courting Change Enrollment was already declining at law schools nationwide when the Great Recession hit, drying up the legal job market and driving the applicant count even lower. That forced a mass contraction at institutions across the U.S., including Western New England University School of Law. But its dean says the strategies undertaken to provide […]

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