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From left: Daniel Berger, Joseph Curran, and Megan Kludt

American Dreamers

Curran & Berger Works to Ease the Path to Immigration The immigration lawyers at Northampton-based Curran & Berger paint a picture of immigration far different from commonly held stereotypes about […]

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Diana Sorrentini-Velez

Crisis in the Courts

Bottlenecks Across the System Are Limiting Access to Justice A perfect storm of conditions, but especially a hiring freeze within the state‚Äôs judicial system and a still sagging economy that […]

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Social Media and the NLRB

What Employers Need to Know to Avoid Problems There is no getting around it. We live in a social-media-driven world. People regularly tweet on topics ranging from global economic policy […]

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Melissa R. Gillis


Autism Legislation: What It Means for Your Child By MELISSA R. GILLIS, Esq. and DENNIS G. Egan Jr. Imagine this: an issue so big that when the governor signs a […]

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