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Fred Gohr

Time Tested

Success at Fitzwillyai??i??s Comes from a Carefully Crafted Atmosphere When Roger Kirwood purchased Mikeai??i??s Tavern in 1974, the seedy bar near the railroad tracks was going out of business. ai???It was an awful place,ai??? he said. ai???And there was nothing happening in Northampton at the time. But I always had a burning desire to own […]

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Karina L. Schrengohst

Tips for Restaurant and Coffee-shop Owners

Violations of Wage and Overtime Laws Can Come with a Hefty Price State and federal laws pertaining to minimum wage, tips, overtime, and employing minors are complicated. As a result, these are areas where mistakes are often made. Employers, however, cannot afford these errors because the consequence of not complying with these laws can be […]

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