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     Juan “Jay” Latorre is not an elected official. Yet.
But he certainly knows his way around City Hall — or city halls, in the plural. And town halls as well.
Indeed, as principal radio frequency engineer for Verizon, Latorre spends a great deal of his time before elected and appointed officials across New England to locate cell towers and antenna installations. He’s
worked on more than 300 such assignments during his career, often developing unique solutions for site-specific permitting, working in collaboration with municipal, state, and federal officials to secure what everyone wants and needs in this age — reliable cellular service.
Despite that need, placing these towers isn’t easy. Doing so takes understanding, patience, and, most importantly, a willingness to work collaboratively with officials and other constituencies, he said.
“And that’s great, because this work
has exposed me to so many different
and interesting professions, like the law, construction, real-estate development, environmental policy — all of those things give me a broader perspective on how to make a community grow.
“I’m a boots-on-the-ground kind of person; I enjoy getting to better understand the pulse of our community by meeting with people,”
he went on, adding that he made it a goal to put himself in rooms full of people he doesn’t know, something that has helped him become a better person and better community leader.
While helping to ensure that calls get through, Latorre is also a leader in the community. He’s run for City Council in Springfield twice, only to come up just short. He expects there will be more such bids in the future.
Meanwhile, he currently serves as vice president of the Sixteen Acres Civic Assoc. and has been active with the Boy Scouts.
An Eagle Scout himself, he’s a troop leader in Springfield for disadvantaged youths in the Latino community and has been a board member of the Western Massachusetts Council of Boy Scouts of America for many years, and is currently on its executive committee.
Latorre is also involved with the Engineering department at UMass Amherst, helping to recruit students of color to that field. He
was a member of the young professionals subcommittee of Springfield City Council when it was active, and during that time, he created Restaurant Week, which has become a fixture in the city.
Add all that up, and it’s easy to see why his schedule is full — and why he doesn’t need
GPS to find any city hall. BW
—George O’Brien
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Juan Latorre III
Principal Radio Frequency Engineer, Verizon: Age 38

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