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with more commentary from Deb Dart: “Carol’s core values would not allow her to lead without respect and equality for all, and
using the principles of W. Edward Demming and Stephen Covey, she worked to create
a paradigm shift in the industry, or at least
at CIC, to create a work environment that is more linear, but, most important, a workplace without fear.”
Still, her leadership, entrepreneurial daring,
she is mentoring, with the accent on the present tense. It’s a role she has grown into and is now comfortable with because of what she can share.
“I like the fact that’s it’s an exchange — it’s not teaching,” she told BusinessWest. “It’s working to help individuals determine what their goals are, and then helping them find a path to accomplishing those goals. I’m not an executive coach, by any means, but if they’re
learn more from their mistakes, and usually do. “Some of my worst management experiences
have been my biggest assets for learning about who I want to be and how I want to lead,” she explained, adding that this is one of the insights she shares with mentees she’s matched with the WIT (Women Innovators and Trailblazers) program and other initiatives.
As for that phrase ‘role model,’ she is, as noted, less comfortable with it.
“I don’t think I would call myself a role model — when a reference is made, even about my leadership, I’m pretty humble about it, because I’ve always just done what I feel
is right,” she explained. “I’ve always thought that, if I could help anyone in any way, I would do it — I always want to give someone a hand up.”
Doing the Heavy Work
There’s a pillow on a bookshelf in Campbell’s office with an embroidered message that says simply: “Behind Every Successful Women is ... Herself.”
She is living proof of that, obviously, and that’s one of the reasons she’s a Woman of Impact. The other, perhaps even bigger reason is the hard work she’s put into convincing others of that. Her management team is a perfect example of this, but she believes it’s just one.
She intends to keep using her voice to create many more of them. u
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 “Carol’s success at CIC has paved the road and broken down barriers for other women in the industry. She is now not the only woman in
the board room or at the table. Her success at CIC has not come easy, but it has allowed her to pay it forward. Carol is known for sharing her thoughts and opinions, and she has used her voice to help her company, her community, and her friends.”
and management philosophies are only some of the reasons why Campbell is being honored as a Woman of Impact. As noted earlier, she has, throughout her career, been very active within the community and, more specifically, with groups and agencies ranging from the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce and that’s city’s Rotary Club; from AIM and WestMass to Health New England, which she continues to serve as a board member.
More recently, she has devoted much of
her time and energy to groups involved with women and children, and also to some women
on a path that’s similar to mine, which is to be a leader within an organization, I’ve dealt with something similar to what they’re going through.
“For me, it’s an opportunity to show them they’re not alone in this and that it’s not smooth sailing,” she went on. “We’ve all had ups and downs in business, and I’ve seen a number of them myself. The goal is to learn from each other.”
And while successes in business are important, one thing she’s learned — and also tells those she mentors — is that people can
Congratulations to AIM member Carol Campbell, of Chicopee Industrial Contractors.
Thank you for all that you do!
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