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   Caring Health Center has embraced innovations from telehealth to a mobile van to bring services to those who can’t, or don’t want to, visit the facility during a pandemic.
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vacation when I feel its time. Of course, I factor in family time as well.”
As a woman of faith, Barber said she believes in adding value to the lives of others. It starts with seeing a person’s potential, and she has encouraged several CHC employees to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs.
“They have gone back to school, graduated, and now work in different roles in the organization. Two of our employees are currently pursuing doctorate programs,” Barber said with pride. “If you believe in people, they will have the faith to believe in themselves.”
In the spirit of that philosophy, Barber founded EST.HER, a leadership-consulting firm, in 2019. “One day I was looking at the Book of Esther and I didn’t see the name ‘Esther’ I saw E-S-T, H-E-R, and thought, ‘establish her.’”
Because her passion is to help others achieve their goals and dreams, Barber founded EST.HER to help motivate disenfranchised women and allow them to eventually become pillars in the community. In fact, the EST.HER logo uses the acronym PILLHERS, which stands for ‘Purposely Impacting Lifestyle Leaders Helping Each Reach Success.’
Biblical scholars have noted that the Book
of Esther teaches that our past doesn’t dictate our future, and God places mentors in our lives to teach us wisdom, she noted. “I want to help women aspire to become the pillars in our community and serve as the anchors who can help the next generation of leaders.”
In her nomination of Barber as a Woman of Impact, Yvonne Williams, chief Development
officer at CHC, noted that “it’s not an overstatement to say that Tania Barber’s intelligence and vision directly impact the lives of thousands of patients and their families, as well as hundreds of employees.”
Early in her career, Barber took a professional- development course titled, “How to Take Charge of the Front Desk.” Among other things, she credits it with teaching her how to switch gears to the supervisor role after making friends with co-workers.
“The Mobile Health Clinical Services program has enabled us to confront some of the challenges we’ve seen during these times of COVID.”
“The course was also instrumental in teaching how to lead, how to help people see beyond the horizon of where we are and where we need to go, and, finally, how to get there.”
That early course launched a career of servant leadership, in which she is still helping people see beyond the horizon by making the simple declaration, “I’m here to help.”
With a long track record of leading by example and helping others do the same, Barber is a true Woman of Impact. u
   “Nothing can dim the light
that shines from within.”
—Maya Angelou
We’re proud to celebrate the accomplishments, civic engagement, and leadership of Carol Campbell and all of this year’s Women of Impact honorees. Thanks to them, our communities are better places to work and live.
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  Congratulations Carol
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