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Shaky Ground
Architects Busy Right Now, but COVID-19 Clouds the Future
 KBy Joseph Bednar
evin Rothschild-Shea had just gotten off a conference call with employees of his company, Architecture EL in East
Longmeadow — one of many he’s under- taken since his team begam working largely remotely.
“We’re doing well. We’ve jumped to work- ing remotely and continue to function,” he
“We’re fortunate to have a lot
of work in the pipeline, but we’re definitely seeing a reduction in new work and jobs starting out.”
said. “We’re maintaining our focus on multi- family and affordable housing, which has been strong, and we’re fortunate to have a number of projects.”
bit murkier.
“We’re fortunate to
have a lot of work in the pipeline, but we’re defi- nitely seeing a reduction in new work and jobs starting out,” he told BusinessWest. “Quite a number of projects have been put on hold given the economic and COVID climate, so we’re seeing new projects hit ‘pause’ to a greater or lesser degree.
“We feel pretty com- fortable with the work- load right now, but when we look down the road, there are definitely con- cerns,” Rothschild-Shea went on. “We just want to keep everyone work- ing and employed, keep everyone safe, and keep
Curtis Edgin says the status of jobs often comes down to how far along in the pipeline they are.
     Looking 12 to 24 months out, the outlook is a
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