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Making Connections
Remote-work Movement Presents Challenges, Opportunities in IT
After a chaotic start, the pandemic has proven to be good for business in the IT world, where professionals were deluged with requests from clients to set up remote networks for their employees, not to mention a flood of new clients seeking network services for the first time. More than perhaps anyone, these IT pros have seen first-hand how COVID-19 has changed the way companies are doing business. And some of the changes, they say, may be here for the long term.
should return to the office or continue to work from home. Either way, access to technology plays an increasing role in getting the job done.
For example, said Delcie Bean, CEO of Paragus Strategic IT, before the pandemic, many businesses were getting by with outdated communication and collaborative tools and depended on e-mail and phones to support their working environment.
“When the pandemic hit, they had to suddenly adopt new technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other virtual platforms to keep doing business,” Bean said, noting that, as employees in many indus-
By Mark Morris
s the world begins to emerge from
the pandemic, many businesses that survived are trying to understand what the new landscape will look like.
Right now, many business owners are trying to figure out when and if their employees
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