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 when it comes to a new use.
“It’s not for the faint of heart,” he told Business-
West, adding that, while the former bank spaces, like teller windows, were imaginatively integrated into the jewelry store’s design, they may in some ways limit what can easily be done with the space now.
Assessing the office market, Goggins echoed others in noting that, while more businesses are returning to the spaces they completely or partial- ly vacated last March, there are questions about whether businesses that had to rely on people
“I think people like to work at home. Businesses want them to come back, but I’m not sure the employees will want to go back.”
working remotely will bring everyone — or any- one — back to the office.
Vincunas said he has a diverse list of tenants at the Greenfield Corporate Center, including some state agencies that he is not concerned about when it comes to downsizing or not renewing, but also some financial-services and technology- related tenants for which there are some ques- tions moving forward.
“People have learned to work outside the office, so we can’t be sure what will happen long- term,” he said, adding quickly that, for the short term, the property has benefited from COVID in
While COVID has slowed some segments of the commercial real-estate market, Ken Vincunas says, others, like industrial, have been very active, with inventories struggling to meet demand.
     one respect — the regional jury-pool operation has moved into 25,000 square feet of space at the facility for at least a year.
“They couldn’t space people out for jury-pool selection at all the courthouses — there just wasn’t room — so they created an off-site central-
clearinghouse type of space,” he told Business- West. “We had a big piece of space, so they took it.”
Boloton said he’s seeing some evi- dence that, while the
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