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1 Federal St., Building 101, Springfield, MA 01105 (413) 234-4313;
Frank Tate
Western Mass., Connecticut
General computer services including system backup, device backup, media transfers, data recovery, logic board repair, and consignment services
139B Damon Road, Suite 8, Northampton, MA 01060 (413) 387-1040;
516 Montgomery St., Chicopee, MA 01013 (413) 557-6270;
180 Pleasant St., Suite 3, Easthampton, MA 01027 (413) 584-4274;
4 Open Square Way, Suite 310, Holyoke, MA 01040 (413) 268-1600;
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room meetings, our data is consolidat- ed, and our agendas are clear.
I must admit that, at first, I was resistant to host sales and client meet- ings through video collaboration. It took some time and some failures — I completely failed on my first large Zoom conference, but eventually, I embraced the meetings. Throughout the pandemic, all introductory sales meetings have been on Teams, and to my shock they have gone well. We print fewer documents, we save on travel expense, and we can host more meet- ings per day than before. If we are look- ing for bright spots during this COVID- 19 madness, then this would be one.
Oddly enough, because meetings are so easy, we tend to meet more and share more. We understand that the end game is improving communica- tions; whenever we have a manage- ment meeting, we are stressing the need to communicate better, internally and externally. COVID has forced us to communicate better, faster, and more efficiently.
Don Lesser
Robert DeMaria
Dave DelVecchio
Michael Feld Greg Pellerin
Pioneer Valley
New England
Public and private computer classes for MS Office, Google Apps, etc.; customized classes and workshops; on-site support and development; programming in Access, SQL, MySQL/PHP, and VBA; databases for websites; QuickBooks consulting; cybersecurity training
Fiber-optic and broadband Internet for business; data-transport multi-site services; full-service network security; data backup and recovery; e-mail and web hosting
Proactive and reactive IT services and support; turn-key project installations; staff augmentation; virtualization; cloud; network infrastructure and security; data recovery for small businesses and mid-market companies; mobility solutions; storage solutions; backup and disaster recovery
(413) 650-2667
Jamie Wynkoop- Morrison
Pioneer Valley
Network design, setup, and administration; desktop/laptop repair and maintenance; server/domain installation and administration; antivirus, backup, and hardware solutions; PBX/VoIP phone maintenance; e-mail and cloud support; security and compliance issues; disaster recovery; computer and software training
16A Pasco Dr., East Windsor, CT 06088 (860) 758-7250;
Tom Najemy
New England and beyond
ACT! by Sage consulting; sales, installation, networking, technical support, and training (public and private) for ACT! contact- management software
161 Northampton St., Easthampton, MA 01027 (413) 586-7070;
Dave DelVecchio
Western Mass.
Sales; support; installations; security; PC/Mac; mobility; cloud for small office and home office customers
Healthcare IT experts; business IT consultants; private-equity IT partners
1 Whalley Way, Southwick, MA 01077 (413) 569-4200;
Paul Whalley
New England
Corporate hardware/software sales, configuration, installation; network services; Cisco Unified Computing Systems; Cisco Unified Collaboration; Meraki Wireless; network health assessments; network WAN and LAN installation; wireless services; videoconferencing; remote monitoring; security; virtualization; project management; managed print; 24/7 service capabilities
  Managing People
We have had many clients request analytics or reports so they can bet- ter track the performance of remote employees. There are several ways to track productivity, such as call-volume
what needs to be done and how to do it. The meetings must engage all the personnel — they need to be part of the solution, and we as managers need to stop talking and start listening.”
 Our meetings are not just management telling staff
reside. If an employee uses a business machine at home, that machine needs to have updated anti-virus, malware protection, multi-factor authentica- tion, and end-point detection and response.
We have found that we need to
engage our employees through col- laboration. Our meetings are not just management telling staff what needs to be done and how to do it. The meetings must engage all the personnel — they need to be part of the solution, and we as managers need to stop talking and start listening. This helps cement our team culture.
The key is that we listen to every- one, and other businesses should embrace this mindset. You need to sit back and ask, ‘what is our culture?’ ‘Who are we?’ ‘What matters to our clients?’ and ‘How do we support our community?’
It’s critical to know your culture and even more critical to defend your cul- ture. Make sure your team knows what matters.
In this time when more and more people are working remotely, it’s important to manage the technology. But it’s equally important to manage people and culture. u
Sean Hogan is president of Hogan Technology; (413) 585-9950.
     40 AUGUST 3, 2020
reports, CRM usage reports, presence activity reports, internet-usage reports, and so on. Personally, I manage my staff to their individual goals; if I have an employee who is exceeding his or her goals, then I don’t need to be very granular with activity reporting. I will use their analytics to compare to other personnel; this helps me determine where I need to focus my attention.
It is critical to protect your com- pany’s endpoints no matter where they
Managing the Culture
Culture is a critical piece in all busi- nesses. Corporate culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and man- agement interact. Often, corporate cul- ture is implied, not expressly defined, and develops organically over time. It can be a challenge to maintain your culture while working with a remote

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