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Buyer: Richard Gregoire Seller: Russell N. Bergeron Date: 07/09/20
561 Belchertown Road
Ware, MA 01082
Amount: $226,000
Buyer: Ashley Tanguay
Seller: Deborah Jacque-Cohen Date: 06/29/20
24 Berkshire Circle
Ware, MA 01082
Amount: $226,780
Buyer: Broker Solutions Inc. Seller: John Wellman
Date: 07/02/20
27 Berkshire Dr.
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $242,500 Buyer: Joshua Burton Seller: Best4u RT Date: 07/01/20
60 North St.
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $125,000 Buyer: Christina I. Booth Seller: Dennis A. Pariseau Date: 07/07/20
27 Prospect St.
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $125,000 Buyer: Jeffrey W. Jurczyk Seller: Priscilla A. Fuller Date: 06/29/20
7 Warebrook Village
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $125,000
Buyer: Judith M. Renaud Seller: Tonette K. Whitney Date: 07/03/20
11-13 Webb Court
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $150,000 Buyer: Vikki Patrakis
Seller: Brenda Cooper Date: 06/29/20
3 Williston Dr.
Ware, MA 01082
Amount: $265,000
Buyer: Marcus P. Lafountain Seller: Mary L. Mozden Date: 06/29/20
258 Chesterfield Road
Westhampton, MA 01027 Amount: $236,400
Buyer: Samantha Braastad Seller: Elizabeth H. Wassmann Date: 06/30/20
71 Pine Island Lake
Westhampton, MA 01027 Amount: $157,500
Buyer: Terri Schmidt Seller: Wendy P. Blow IRT Date: 06/30/20
12 South Road
Westhampton, MA 01027 Amount: $297,500
Buyer: Nicholas J. Jarjoura Seller: G. G&E J. Anderson IRT Date: 06/30/20
17 Hyde Hill Road
Williamsburg, MA 01096 Amount: $480,000 Buyer: John M. Holhut Seller: Duval FT
Date: 07/07/20
The following building permits were issued during the month of July 2020. (Filings are limited due
to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).
American Towers, LLC
645 Shawinigan Dr.
$25,000 — Modify existing cellular monopole equipment, swap three antennas and three remote radio units, add one cable fiber
Janet Hughes
358 Britton St.
$2,500 — Replace seven windows
Bob Ladas
725 Memorial Dr.
$648,772 — New vehicle ser- vice station building
Shawn Peabody
18 Victoria Park
$2,300 — Replace six windows
Valley Opportunity Council
35 Mount Carmel Ave. $28,950 — Repair parapet masonry
278-302 Main Street, LLC
278 Main St., #307A $25,000 — Divide existing room for storage area, new door and frame, new sink location, upgrade ductwork,
minor electrical work, hot- water tank, plumbing
Green Fields Market
144 Main St.
$12,043 — Reconfigure deli area, move serving line, remove half wall
Greenfield Community College
270 Main St.
$28,451 — Accessibil-
ity upgrades on first-floor bathrooms
Eric Montgomery
815 Pleasant St.
$23,000 — Interior demolition
Montra II Inc.
51 Park St.
$10,000 — New exterior door with landing and window
Cousins Investments, LLC
48 Damon Road $80,050.19 — Demo flood cuts in offices due to water mitigation
Fernway, LLC
178 Industrial Dr.
$235,532 — Interior demoli- tion, build out partition walls and ceilings
Hampshire Franklin & Hampden Agricultural Society
54 Bridge St.
$129,000 — Proposed radio- frequency equipment on new wooden utility pole, replacing existing wooden utility pole
Hill Institute
83 Pine St.
$37,500 — Add attached shed to existing storage barn
India Palace Restaurant
26-28 Main St.
$414,650 — Renovation and addition of single residential unit
Jo Landers
6 Service Center Road
$68,000 — Divide one tenant space into two, add bathroom and meeting room
Bank Row Realty Trust
8 Bank Row $72,849 — Roofing
First United Methodist Church
55 Fenn St.
$30,400 — Roofing
Gathering of Israel
16 Colt Road $11,000 — Roofing
Three Ninety Five North, LLC
391 North St.
$10,000 — Alter new bath- room on first floor of barber- shop; install new access door, flooring, and tile
City of Springfield
962 Carew St.
$8,000 — Repair existing accessible entry ramp at Lib- erty School
City of Springfield
1170 Carew St.
$57,000 — Alter existing library area for use as four classroom spaces in Van Sickle School
Joseph Frigo, Lisa Frigo
90 William St.
$18,900 — Roofing at Frigo’s Foods
Hamden Home Buyers
557 Worthington St.
$15,000 — Roofing at vacant Lido’s restaurant
Springfield Investment Group, LLC
795 Worcester St.
$91,981 — Alter medical ten- ant office space for Select Physical Therapy
Springfield Investment Group, LLC
835 Worcester St.
$91,981 — Alter commercial tenant space for medical office use for Select Physical Therapy
Springfield Redevelopment Authority
31 Elm St.
$2,360,920 — Selective inte- rior demolition on seven inte- rior floors, structural repairs and bracing, install new con- crete retaining wall, install temporary lighting for pro- posed mixed-use building
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