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 Meg Sanders says Canna Provision’s dispensary in Holyoke has been designed to resemble an art gallery — and even features works from local artists.
ranging from the Wall Street Journal to Northeast Leaf, sees a number of converging forces and trends, but especially innovation, the sector’s deep impact on the local economy and the local landscape, cannabis playing a growing role in the health and wellness of people of all ages, and the promise of much more of all of that in the future.
          development of employees.
“We invest in humans, and we train them,”
she said, adding that people are the biggest and most important investment for a company in this sector.
It’s an investment she takes very seriously, and it’s one of the many reasons why she believes Canna Provisions is successful and on the cut- ting edge when it comes to everything from how products are displayed and sold in the dispen-
sary to how employees are trained, groomed for advancement, and ultimately retained (more on all that later).
“I’m really proud of it — I think it’s the coolest dispensary in America,” she said of the Holyoke facility as she led the tour. “And I’ve been into a lot of them.”
And as she surveys the scene, at that Holyoke location and within the broad cannabis industry, Sanders, who has been quoted in publications
“ I still believe the best thing
in cannabis still has not
been invented. We find new cannabinoids every single day; there are new ways to consume this product, new delivery methods, new formulations. Those are all really important parts
Staff Photo of where this industry is going. Science is in it, and I am psyched to see the products we come up
with to help people. ”
“Cannabis is a giant vote for freedom — it’s a giant vote for ‘you know what’s best for your body; it’s not the government’s job to tell you what to put in it, on it, any of that,’” she said. “From everyone that I know that uses cannabis,
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