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 Meg Sanders says Canna Provisions invests heavily in employee training and development — and the customer experience.
Dwight Street in a former paper mill, opened in July 2020, at the height of the pandemic.
In her role, Sanders is involved in all aspects of the business, obviously, but devotes much of her time to staff development and that broad term ‘culture.’
‘At Canna Provisions, we really believe that
       vidual businesses as they entered the cannabis business.
“We were helping companies and state regu- latory bodies and local governments come up with ordinances that made sense, regulatory frameworks that made sense, and helping people get licensed all over, from Florida to Illinois to Nevada — everywhere,” she recalled. “And then, Massachusetts legalization happened, and we were intrigued by the model in that it wasn’t going to be this massive gaming of the system
in a limited-license structure, where if you know
the governor, or have the right lobbyist, or if you make donations to the right legislators, you get a license.”
Sanders and Williams eventually consulted for a venture called Canna Provisions and were invit- ed to become part of its operations team. They became CEO and COO, respectively, and guided the company as it gained just the second license issued by the state for a standalone dispensary in Lee, right behind Caroline’s Cannabis in Uxbridge — where she bought her jacket from owner Caro- line Frankel. The Holyoke facility, located on
“We’ve been told multiple times by people from this industry, and also not from this industry, that they’ve never been to a company that invests so much in training, and they appreciate it.”
Staff Photo we’re not just growing plants and growing a busi- ness, we’re growing humans,” she explained, adding that the company invests considerable
amounts of time, money, and energy to train and develop employees, and then give them opportu- nities to do different things and advance within the company.
She said she’s currently serving as a facilitator and working with a group of seven employees at the company on a course of leadership training.
“I’m reinforcing my skills by teaching them their skills in hopes of growing humans to
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