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It’s All in the Details
THow to Remodel Your Home Safely During COVID-19
he pandemic has upended many activi- homeowners during the pandemic. If you’re ties; however, contractors are continu- interested in remodeling your home, consider ing to work to modernize homes across the following advice from the Home Builders &
the country. Remodelers Assoc. of Massachusetts to help put
 Professional remodelers are taking on extra safety precautions to help meet the needs of
your mind at ease, so you can comfortably start your next home-remodeling project.
“A qualified remodeler will
be forthright and answer any questions you may have about personal protective equipment, social distancing while in your home, and other concerns about sanitation or other potential hazards.”
Find a Remodeler That Prioritizes Safety
If you’re ready to start your remodeling proj- ect, you’ll want to work with a professional committed to keeping you and your family safe during a remodel. The best place to start is by utilizing a directory of professional remodelers. The National Association of Home Builders has
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