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demic are clearly overpowering short- term labor-market and economic concerns.
• Multi-family construction, how- ever, will pay the price for the single- family gain. The large overhang of high-end construction in large metro areas combined with declining rents will lead to a further pullback in 2021. Dollar value will drop 1%, while the number of units started falls 2% to 484,000.
• The dollar value of commercial- building starts will increase 5% in 2021. Warehouse construction will be the clear winner as e-commerce giants continue to build out their logistics infrastructure. Office starts will also increase due to rising demand for data centers (included in the office cat- egory), as well as renovations to exist- ing space. Retail and hotel activity will languish.
• In 2021, institutional construction starts will increase by a tepid 1% as growing state and local budget deficits impact public-building construction. Education construction is expected
to see further declines in 2021, while healthcare starts are predicted to rise as hospitals seek to improve in-patient bed counts.
• The dollar value of manufactur- ing plant construction will remain flat in 2021. Declining petrochemical
construction and weak domestic and global activity will dampen starts, while a small handful of expected project groundbreakings will level out the year.
• Public-works construction starts will see little improvement as 2021 begins due to continued uncertainty surrounding additional federal aid for
“ In 2021, institutional construction starts will increase by a tepid 1% as growing state and local budget deficits impact public-building construction.
state and local areas. Additionally, the unfinished appropriations process for fiscal year 2021, which began Oct. 1, raises doubt about the sector’s ability to post a strong gain in 2021. Public- works construction starts will be flat over the year.
• Electric utilities and gas plants
will gain 35% in 2021, led by expected groundbreakings for several large natu- ral-gas export facilities and an increas- ing number of wind farms. u
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a directory of professional remodel- ers dedicated to the highest profes- sional and safety standards during the pandemic.
Ask About Safety Precautions
After you’ve narrowed down your list of potential professional remodel- ers, ask questions related to safety. A qualified remodeler will be forthright and answer any questions you may have about personal protective equip- ment, social distancing while in your home, and other concerns about sani- tation or other potential hazards.
Establish an Online Communication Channel
When you’re working with a profes- sional remodeler, you’ll have to discuss details about your project, from evalu- ating your design ideas to agreeing to the scope of work. Talk to your remod- eler about what areas of the plan-
ning process can be discussed online instead of meeting in person. Some remodelers may even request a virtual tour of your home through a video call. Photos, design ideas, measurements, and estimates can also be shared elec- tronically. If you must meet with your contractor in person, practice social
distancing and wear a face covering.
Discuss Your Living Arrangements
If you’re working from home or if you have kids who are distance learn- ing, tell your contractor. A professional will provide guidance on how to mini- mize significant disruptions, including those related to plumbing or electrical work. If you have small children, most professionals will be willing to remove tools at the end of each work day or place them out of reach as an extra safety precaution. A contractor can also erect temporary walls to minimize dust in your primary living areas.
Communicate Clearly
The most important thing to remember if you’re moving forward with a remodeling project during the pandemic is to keep an open line of communication with your contractor via videoconference or phone — and be flexible. Your remodeler may take extra time to ensure extensive clean- ing while undergoing your project. Due to the nature of the pandemic, other unexpected delays may occur. A dose of extra patience may be required during this time, but a professional remodeler will remain committed to safety without jeopardizing quality workmanship. u
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