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  Dan Moriarty, left, and Mike Rouette.
They’reStill M
Former Soccer Teammates Now the Lead the Way at Monson Savings
ichael Rouette says he keeps a copy
of the 36-year-old news story in his
office. He’ll take it out and read it on occasion, and will proudly show it oth- ers, usually without much prompting.
“Moriarty-Rouette Team Buys Ticket to Finals” is the headline over that item in the Palmer Journal Register from November 1984, which goes on to note how goals by Rouette, then a junior, and Dan Moriarty, a freshman, along with a “tenacious defense,” propelled the Monson High School soccer team to a 2-1 win over Monument Mountain, giving the Mustangs, as that headline noted, a ticket to the regional finals in Chicopee a few days later.
Today, the Moriarty-Rouette team is still focused on goals, but now as president and executive vice president and chief operating officer (a new position), respectively, at Monson Savings Bank. They are the leaders writing the next chapter in the bank’s history after the retire- ment of long-term president Steve Lowell.
As the two talked with BusinessWest earlier this month, just weeks before Moriarty was to add the title CEO to his business card (Lowell is still acting in that capacity until mid-February), they talked often about
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By George O’Brien

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