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 and years ahead is really going to define what kind of community we are, how resilient we
are, and now adaptive and nimble we are,” said Doran, adding that she believes Bay Path is well- positioned to be a leader during this time of crisis, introspection, and profound change, and that she is looking forward to the challenge of helping it play that role.
As she talked with BusinessWest at a small table positioned on the
of creating systemic change in how higher education carries out its mission.
For the school, this oppor- tunity to further cement its reputation as a pioneer and frontrunner in remote learn- ing has been confirmed by the large number of colleges and universities calling to seek assistance as they estab- lish or build their own pro- grams (more on that later).
And for higher educa-
tion, the pandemic pres-
ents a unique if not entirely
welcome (at some schools)
opportunity to rethink and
perhaps reinvent many
aspects of a college education
and put more (and much-
needed) emphasis on cost,
access, and pathways to success in the work- place, and less on the on-campus experience (more on that later as well).
For all of this, Bay Path is well-positioned, if not uniquely positioned, to grasp these opportunities.
“This is our moment at Bay Path,” she said with noticeable energy in her voice, “because we’ve always been that place where students come to further their career ideals, and we’re going to continue to provide that opportunity.”
For this issue and its focus on education, BusinessWest talked at length with Doran about what she ultimately called “an exciting moment in time,” and all the reasons that make it so.
“This opportunity is a perfect fit and really the culmination of all my professional work.”
lawn behind the college’s administration build- ing, Deepwoods Hall — a nod to social distancing and keeping safe during the pandemic — Doran talked about the college’s plans for reopening this fall. It will embrace what many are calling a hybrid model blending online and in-person classes, with far more of the for- mer. The plan, overall, is to “de-densify the cam- pus,” as she put it, with
Sandra Doran, seen here with a student on Feb. 27, the day she was introduced to the campus community, embraces the challenge of building on the foundation built by her predecessor, Carol Leary.
School of Thought
When asked what appealed to her about Bay Path and its presidency, Doran said, in essence, that there was little, if anything, that didn’t appeal to her.
Indeed, she said the once-struggling two-year college that was resurrected and then taken to dizzying new heights during Leary’s tenure rep- resents an opportunity that brings together her
       a limited number of stu- dents living on campus, all in single rooms.
But mostly, she talked about this convergence of crises and how, rather than be a roadblock
or even a speed bump, it could serve to accel- erate the process of Bay Path’s emergence as a leader not simply in remote learning — only
she doesn’t call it that; she prefers ‘technology- assisted learning’ — but in guiding students to fulfillment of their goals and ultimate success in the workplace. And also accelerating the process
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