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  Scenes like this one are nowhere to be found right now at Historic Deerfield, which is developing plans for a September opening.
 Waiting M
County’s Attractions Begin to Open in
a Different Kind of Summer Season
By Joseph Bednar
agic Wings is a year-round
operation, Kathy Fiore said —
even when its doors are shut.
“This is different from a clothing store,” said Fiore, who
co-owns the butterfly conservatory in Deerfield with her brother. “When we closed our doors,
we still needed to have staff here, because we have to take care of whatever is happening. But- terflies are laying eggs every day. Caterpillars are hatching out every day. We need to feed and care for the lizards, tortoises, birds, fish ... all sorts of animals have to be taken care of.”
And that means expenses that don’t disap- pear when no visitors show up — which they haven’t since the facility closed to the public in mid-March, part of a state-mandated economic shutdown in response to COVID-19.
“We kind of saw it coming, and then it just happened,” she said of the closure. “As own- ers of the business, we’ve tried to remain posi- tive and upbeat and assure our staff, assure our customers.”
As for when Magic Wings will be allowed to
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