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5 Kevin Dr.
Southampton, MA 01073 Amount: $750,000 Buyer: Ted A. Forance Seller: John M. Biela Date: 04/15/21
225 Monson Turnpike Road
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $268,000
Buyer: Jerry L. Aldrich Seller: Paula A. Mosgofian Date: 04/06/21
88 North St.
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $115,800 Buyer: FNMA
Seller: Debra J. Paradis Date: 04/09/21
9 Oakridge Circle
Ware, MA 01082
Amount: $327,600
Buyer: Ryan Downing
Seller: Christopher Robidoux Date: 04/09/21
20 Smith Ave.
Ware, MA 01082 Amount: $209,000 Buyer: Kyle Mackenzie-Welch Seller: Christine M. Josephson
Date: 04/06/21
10 Mountain St.
Williamsburg, MA 01039 Amount: $310,000
Buyer: Michele L. Hardesty Seller: Michael Whalen Date: 04/14/21
16 Old Post Road
Worthington, MA 01098 Amount: $280,000 Buyer: Molly V. Smith Seller: Michael P. Frazier Date: 04/08/21
The following building permits were issued during the month of April 2021. (Filings are limited due
to closures or reduced staffing hours at municipal offices due to COVID-19 restrictions).
City of Chicopee
41 Meadow St.
$103,000 — Excavate and remove splash pad and sur- rounding concrete sidewalks at Rivers Park and remove everything inside fence
Elms College
291 Springfield St. $130,000 — Roofing on Maguire Center
185 Russell St.
Install roof-mounted solar array
185 Russell St. Roofing
CBR Realty Corp.
189 Russell St. Roofing
Conway Trader Rental, LLC
217 Russell St.
Rebuild and expand deck and add ramp, add door on rear of building
W/S Hadley Properties
327 Russell St.
Correct sprinkler-system deficiencies at Whole Foods
Lenox Collection, LLC
11 Old Stockbridge Road $30,000 — Rebuild demol- ished front porch
Yankee Candle Co.
475 Pittsfield Road $8,500 — Roofing
Berkshire Corporate Realty, LLC
480 Pleasant St.
$5,800 — Modify existing sprinkler system for new exercise and office area
Big Y Foods Inc.
10 Pleasant St.
$9,500 — Construct metal framing with custom lami- nate millwork
Dresser Hull Co.
52 Railroad St. $4,000 — Roofing
Kevin Clark
90 Hawthorne Ave. $3,600 — Roofing
Jeffrey Rose
441 Dalton Ave. $18,225 — Roofing
Avocado Street, LLC
87 Avocado St.
$387,663 — Alter space for the installation of a demis- ing wall for the creation of a new commercial tenant showroom, training room, and warehouse space for Johnstone Supply Co.; install accessible ramp
Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$40,000 — Install fire-alarm system
Baystate Medical Center Inc.
759 Chestnut St.
$25,178 — Install sink and chase wall to third floor
Blackened Realty, LLC
201 Worthington St.
$3,500 — Modify existing fire-alarm system for altera- tions of interior kitchen and two restrooms at Theo- dores’ restaurant
Gerald D’Amour, Donald D’Amour, Charles D’Amour
2145 Roosevelt Ave. $629,946 — Install roof- mounted solar-panel system on Big Y distribution center
Jill Johnson
156 Main St.
$21,000 — Remove and replace sheetrock, install drop ceiling, add insulation to exterior walls
Mercy Medical Center
300 Stafford St.
$42,148 — Alter interior space for new echocardiol- ogy room at Pioneer Valley Cardiology Associates
Mercy Medical Center
271 Carew St.
$122,940 — Alter medical exam rooms and office in Suite 140 of medical office building
NE Enterprises, LLC
1200 West Columbus Ave. $654,360 — Install fire-alarm system for Insa cannabis retail store
Springfield First Korean Church of the Nazarene 212 Cottage St.
$35,840 — Roofing
St. James Manor Associates II, LP
746 St. James Ave. $105,899 — Install solar panels on roof of St. James Manor
Super Worcester, LLC
800 Worcester St.
$43,210 — Remodel office space for Super Brush
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