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  Samantha Bilal
Program Manager, Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts; Age 35
  Samantha Bilal is no stranger to making real, street-level change.
For most of her professional life, she did so
with Martin Luther King Jr. Family Services in Springfield, where she gradually progressed
from lead camp counselor to director of Operations.
In her 15 years there, Bilal supported prevention initiatives around gang violence, substance abuse,
and teen dating violence, while training young people who successfully advocated for the passing of laws raising the legal tobacco-use age to 21. She also implemented youth safe-haven programming, education around domestic and dating violence, and annual community-engagement events.
These days, she’s impacting the community in a different way, managing the Live Well Springfield Coalition, a program of the Public Health Institute of Western Massachusetts, through which she leads the Climate Change and Health Equity initiative, which aims to create strategies to
reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, improve health outcomes for those in marginalized communities directly impacted by climate change, and dismantle systemic racism.
She has also led the institute’s Transforming Community initiative, which promotes health equity by targeting issues like nutritious food access and safer streets, and the Age-Friendly City initiative, which focuses on issues of housing, transportation, social services, and health to make Springfield a
more livable city for older adults, so they can age in place.
“All these are very different, but they all impact community, and they all engage residents,” Bilal said, emphasizing the social-equity aspects of
each. “I’m really passionate about community engagement and making sure residents are uplifted as champions — because we won’t make the biggest changes without their advice and their advocacy.
“I’m always excited to see the fruits of our work manifest into policy changes,” she went on. “That means we’re having a great impact and not just talking about ideas, but finding ways to implement change. That’s my biggest pride at work — seeing the changes in our community over time.”
Away from work, Bilal is the co-founder of
A Queen’s Narrative, a personal-enrichment program for women and girls of color, which uses narrative power and storytelling to harness self- empowerment and self-awareness.
“I love youth and empowering young women
— there’s so much value in uplifting people and helping them find their voice and making sure they have access to opportunities they normally wouldn’t have gotten,” she said. “When we come together to share these narratives with each other, we find commonality, but also find ways to better collaborate.”
—Joseph Bednar
 Samanutha Bilal
For your leadership and commitment to ensuring racial justice and health equity.
Thank you for working to ensure that all
people have access to what they need to live a healthy life.
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