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  Kevin Mattson
CEO, Secure Energy Solutions; Age 39
Afire wasn’t going to keep Kevin Mattson down.
Not even an electrical fire that destroyed the East Longmeadow headquarters of his company, Secure Energy Solutions, in 2016.
While neighboring Cartamundi offered temporary space, Mattson went to work finding a new home, and eventually bought the former Biolitec building just down the street. But he didn’t just rebuild larger; he decked it out
with a veranda for lunches and cookouts, a gourmet kitchen, a free fitness center, and other amenities.
After all, he said, if employees are going to spend 40 or more hours in a place, why not create an environment that keeps them satisfied and focused?
“When team members are happy, they want
to do better not only for the company, but for their own success and personal satisfaction,” he said, adding that he encourages employees to think of their jobs not as work, but as training, an opportunity to learn and grow.
There’s plenty to learn in the field of energy management. Since its inception in 2006, Secure Energy Solutions has helped commercial and industrial clients navigate the volatile energy markets and come up with strategies for electricity and natural-gas procurement, solar development, efficiency projects, sustainability
planning, and more.
Mattson — who also co-founded a second
company, Custom Homes Development, in 2012 — has grown Secure Energy Solutions to more than 50 employees in East Longmeadow and a second office in New Jersey, but says the sky is the limit. “We’re expanding every year, but I feel we haven’t really accomplished anything yet.”
Meanwhile, he quietly helps the community in different ways, such as financing new sod and soil for local ballfields — and rolling up
his sleeves to help repair them. “I don’t have a tremendous amount of time, but any time I do have, I like helping kids. They’re our future.”
Mattson got a real scare — and a dose of unlikely inspiration — when his parents survived the B-17 plane crash at Bradley International Airport in 2019 that killed seven of the 13 people on board.
“Both of them survived by jumping out the window; for me, that was the most inspiring thing in the world,” he said. “I try to teach my kids, and the people I work with, that you’ve
got to be resilient; you’ve got to be prepared for absolutely everything that might get thrown your way.”
Again, this isn’t someone who backs down from a fire.
—Joseph Bednar
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