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Hot Table Continues Aggressive Pattern of ExpJansion
Hot Table, now a chain of panini restaurants, ohn DeVoie gestured toward an array of architect’s
started humbly in 2007 with a small location in the Breckwood Shoppes in Springfield. The brand has
renderings of Hot Table’s first free-standing facility, complete with a mobile pickup window, planned for Memorial Drive in Chicopee, and said, “that’s
come a long way since then, and in many different our future.”
ways. There are now seven locations, with plans for four more to open this year or early next, including the first free-standing facility. After that ... well, the partners talk of having perhaps 50 stores by the end of this decade. What they do know is that growth will be controlled — and strategic in nature.
By George O’Brien
He then corrected himself and said, “well ... that’s a big part of our future.”
Indeed, the future takes a number of shapes and direc- tions for this growing chain of panini restaurants. Indeed, while construction is due to start on that Chicopee location later this year or early in 2022, work will begin before that on new locations within shopping malls in Framingham and West Hartford, with an additional location planned
 John (right) and Chris LaVoie at Hot Table’s location in Tower Square.
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