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Welcome to an Exciting, Uncertain New World
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On Jan. 22, 1984, a good deal of the U.S. watched — for the only time, because it never aired again — a com-
mercial that was, in many ways, more inter- esting than the beatdown the Los Angeles Raiders were putting on the Washington Red- skins in Super Bowl XVIII.
Directed by Ridley Scott, the spot, titled “1984,” used dystopian imagery to intro- duce Apple’s Macintosh personal computer, which would hit stores two days later, with the promise of allowing the average person access to the kind of computing power for- merly reserved for big corporations.
The world would never be the same. The home com- puter was already a thing — it was, in fact, Time maga- zine’s ‘Machine of the Year’ in 1982 — but the Macintosh introduced a wave of innovation and ease of use that eventually made computers ubiquitous in both homes and businesses — for better (productivity) and, arguably, worse (a pervasive blurring between work and home life).
The latter, of course, became possible with the rise of the internet, email, and, later, social media.
“If we step back and truly think about just how much changed as a result of the internet and we look at how quickly it hap- pened. AI is going to have a much bigger impact in a much
shorter amount of time.”
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“The internet has completely changed how we work, how we communicate, how we conduct business, how we learn, how we consume entertainment, and a mil- lion other aspects of our daily lives that have become so normal, we have forgotten that, 30 years ago, they didn’t exist,” said Delcie Bean, CEO of Hadley-based Paragus Strategic I.T., adding that technology is still changing things, in ways that feel unstoppable.
“If we step back and truly think about just how much changed as a result of the internet and we look at how
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