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  Peter Barry says the firm has had a noticeable impact on Springfield and surrounding communities over the years.
It is still there and recently renewed its lease, said Finnegan, so it will be there for a long while to come. Meanwhile, the firm recent- ly opened a Greenfield location (it also has one in Hadley), and now consists of 40 attorneys and more than 30 staff.
That brings us to today, when the firm is marking what have remained constants through all those changes to the letterhead over the past 100 years — especially quality service to a wide array
of clients across dozens of different specialities, and an environ- ment where generations of lawyers have, as Buxton noted, worked together and mentored those new to the profession.
It is also marking change, including the contunuing expansion of its practice areas — there are now 32 of them, Finnegan noted.
“We’ve always been a full-service law firm, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, in the area,” he said. “And we’ve always been able to provide a wide array of services to clients.”
Within those 32 practice areas there have long been specific strengths, such as health law, said Barre, noting that the firm has long represented many of the region’s larger providers, as well as education, representing several colleges and universities.
But there have been important additions to the portfolio over the years as well, he went on, citing the broad realm of cyber law and service to the growing, changing cannabis industry as just two examples.
Continuing a Legacy
Barry, who has been with the firm for 42 of its 100 years, joined it just before it relocated from State Street to Tower Square, a big move and a rather large risk for the partners at the time, he said, adding that downtown Springfield was a much different place at the time.
And the firm has been involved in many of the changes that have taken place since, representing entities ranging from the Basketball Hall of Fame, which built its new home just over 20 years ago, to the Springfield Redevelopment Authority, which presided over the renovations that brought Union Station back to productive life after nearly 40 years of dormancy, to the Massachusetts Convention Cen- ter Authority, which operates the MassMutual Center.
“It’s nice to be able to drive around and say, ‘we were involved with that,’” Barry said, adding that the firm has also represented the Westover Metropolitan Development Corp. in its many endeavors in Chicopee and Ludlow and countless other clients as well.
Like Finnegan, Barry said many changes have come to the field of law and the firm over the past few decades, let alone the past
“It’s nice to be able to drive around and say, ‘we were involved with that.”
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