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   Gándara’s Family Resource Centers each provide a number of services for families in one location.
Breaking T
triggered or exacerbated a lot of mental-health issues,
Down Barriers
Gándara Center Tackles Mental Health and More with Cultural Sensitivity
which makes the multifaceted of Gándara Center more important than ever.
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 56 MAY 13, 2024
here’s no doubt, Lois Nesci said, that the COVID years
At the same time, the pandemic’s impact on mental health also got more people talking than ever before — and that’s good for everyone.
“The need has increased, absolutely,” said Nesci, Gándara’s CEO. “But at the same time, as we continue to break the stigma around mental health, people become more and more willing to discuss some of their struggles or ask for help. We as a society have been educating people: what are the signs people exhibit if they’re not doing well, if they’re depressed, anxious, or struggling with substance abuse?”
To help those who fall into those categories, as well as many others, Gándara’s services fall into five buckets:
• Behavioral health, which encompasses a broad array of clini- cal and substance-use services for adults, families, children, and adolescents, including individual and group psychotherapy, diag- nostic assessments, and treatment;

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