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  Hundreds of Holyoke Community College (HCC) friends, former colleagues, relatives, students, dignitaries, and supporters filled HCC’s Leslie Phillips Theater to capacity on April 19 to celebrate the official installation of George Timmons as the fifth president of HCC, and the first African-American man to hold that position. Pictured: Timmons embraces Student Senate President Alicia Beaton after she placed the HCC presidential medallion around his neck as Vanessa Smith, interim chair of the HCC board of trustees, and student trustee Barney Garcia look on.
Helping Around the House
The senior leadership team at Greenfield Cooperative Bank recently traded their suits for paintbrushes and joined forces with Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity to help put some finishing touches on a new home being built by dozens of community volunteers alongside the future homeowners. This hands-on effort followed a previous commitment of $10,000 from Greenfield Co-op toward the project. Pictured, from left: Jackie Charron, Jeremy Payson, Kevin Bowler, Lisa Kmetz, Mary Rawls, Jane Wolfe, and Michael Turley.
it has no soul, and it takes years to build a good cul- ture,” Glidden told BusinessWest. “But you can lose a culture in minutes or 30 days, you really can.”
Andrews agreed.
“Going back to 1984, my seat was outside the boss’s office; just listening to how he talked to clients ... I learned so much,” he recalled. “I was a 21-year-old kid; all I knew how to talk to was other 21-year-old kids. Listening to how that person was interacting
Something to Build On
PeoplesBank is supporting Square One’s capital campaign to build a new, state-of-the-art facility. With early support from the city of Springfield and the Commonwealth, Square One has reacquired the land of its original South End location, which was destroyed by the 2011 tornado, and is looking to build a 26,000-square-foot child and family center. Square One President and CEO Dawn DiStefano (pictured, second from left) received a check for the first installment of a multi-year, $175,000 pledge from (from left) PeoplesBank CEO Tom Senecal, Cindy Wszolek, and Xiaolei Hua.
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As a result, the bank puts great emphasis on ways to maintain culture when people are not in the office every day, because of its importance to the institution’s overall well-being. Initiatives include everything from professional-development programs to outings where teammates can come together, such as a recent ‘bring your kid to work day’; from food trucks and ice-cream trucks to an all-employee gathering at Mohegan Sun.
“I’ve always said that if a company has no culture,
with clients and handling situations ... I just learned from that.
“I’ve been saying this for a while ... we as leaders need to get people back into the office more, and for the right reasons — not just to sit there and talk with people who are remote,” Andrews went on. “We have more fulfilling days when we’re together.” BW
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