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            Congratulations to all of the 2022 winners!
 Michelle Wirth, Peter Wirth, Class of 2018 Class of 2019
295 Burnett Road Chicopee, MA 01020 413.624.4100
 We believe in the Class of 2022. Your future is so bright. It all starts with 40u40 and BusinessWest. The Mill District’s trajectory started in the inaugural class of 2007 and repeat-
ed in 2008. BusinessWest named The Mill District one of the most powerful forces of the decade in December 2019, and in January 2020 we were recognized as Top Entrepreneur. Just imagine what you will evolve to achieve after your 40u40 win! We’re feeling
’22 as well - with Hannah Rechtschaffen - the placemaking heart and soul of the Mill District- ranking #40u40 with you. We feel so blessed and appreciative and see your true potential so of course we said yes to supporting your launch. And we can’t wait to see the great things you accomplish going forward. ~Cinda Jones
      A4 2022 BusinessWest

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