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 Taken collectively, these projects show how the firm has evolved over the years and taken its teams across New England and well beyond. They also show how the firm has consis- tently added to a diverse list of clients over the years, while also maintaining relationships for years, and, in some cases, sev- eral decades.
Perhaps the best example of this is UMass Amherst. Indeed, one of the firm’s longest-stand- ing relationships is with the uni- versity, said Sullivan, noting that the firm built 12 of the original 13 dorm buildings there, several other buildings, including Curry Hicks Cage, former home to
the basketball team, and is still
working with UMass today.
“I just came back from the previously men-
tioned Newman Center at UMass, which is a new facility for the Springfield Diocese,” he noted. “We haven’t built a church in a couple decades, so that’s been an interesting project.”
This relationship with UMass, one of many that go back 40, 50, or more years, explains why D.A. Sullivan is able to celebrate 125 years in business, and why five generations from the fam- ily have worked there.
“We’re a fifth-generation firm, which is incred- ibly unique. I believe we’re Northampton’s oldest firm,” said Sullivan. “We’ve just been here a long time and it’s crazy to think that my brother and I have been working for more than 35 years,”
Of course, maintaining such an accomplished family legacy comes with a daunting amount of responsibility. Not only do the projects them- selves present challenges, but there is the added stress of each new generation keeping the com- pany alive.
“We’re starting to think about that next lead- ership group coming behind us, and hopefully they’ll shepherd the company to the next cen- tury,” Sullivan said, “There’s a certain pressure to keep it going and not screw up on my watch,
which is incredibly unique. I believe we’re Northampton’s oldest firm.”
but we’ve been thankful throughout the years for the relationships we’ve had and the project’s we’ve built. We’ve got great people. More than anything, the people that work for us and with us, have enabled us to stick around for as long as we have.”
The team at the firm is consistently adding to that already large and diverse portfolio of proj- ects with a number of current initiatives.
They include renovation of the public library in Grafton, the Newman Catholic Center at UMass Amherst, renovation of Goessmann Labs at UMass, renovation of the home for the Car- penter’s Local 336 headquarters, and a closely
We’re a fifth-generation firm,
   The company’s home in Northampton.
on projects to renovate the Worcester Public Library, Gamble Auditorium at Mount Holyoke College, the Fitness Center at Mass. College of Liberal Arts, and the 646-foot-long Fine Arts Center Bridge on the UMass Amherst campus, a complex undertaking that ultimately cre- ated more space for the Art, Theater, and Music departments.
Going back further, the portfolio includes projects (some could be called landmarks) such as the Blake Arena on the campus of Springfield College, the Springfield Materials Recovery Facili- ty, Northampton’s new post office, Westfield High School, and countless others.
   Raymond R. Houle Construction is committed to every detail.
  These photos depict a typical “containment door” attached to a RHC job site.
This temporary door is one of the many safety/infectious control measures which RHC employs in order to ensure the safety and health of the employees and patients within a healthcare setting, while construction is being carried out.
 In addition to the Building Permit, healthcare
facilities require general contractors to post several other documents in plain view at the entrance to every job site.
These include:
•Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSM) Assessment Tool •Interim Life Safety Measures Daily Checklist/Report •Infection Control (IC) Program Manual: IC75 •Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)
•IC Preventative Measures Daily Checklist/Report
 RHC is fully committed to the safety, health and well-being of everyone in and around our job sites.
 We take the necessary precautions,
and we take them seriously.
    Trustworthy. Sincere. Straightforward. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.
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