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 Before and after photographs show the dramatic transformation of the former Fat Cat lounge into Dewey’s.
shrimp pasta to baked mac & cheese to fried cat- fish and grits.
But craft cocktails are an important part of the mix — figuratively but also quite literally — as well, he said, adding that Dewey’s is con- sidered the only craft cocktail bar in downtown Springfield.
“All of our syrups, all of our juices — all of the ingredients that go into our drinks — we make in-house,” he explained. “Everything but the spir- it is house; we probably squeeze a couple thou- sand limes a week.”
The signature cocktails vary with the month and the season, he said, adding that current, spring offerings include ‘Georgia on My Mind,’
a mix of whiskey, iced tea, lemonade, and peach syrup; ‘Louis’ Lemonade,’ which features gin, lemon juice, and lavender simple syrup; and ‘Bil- lie’s Holliday,’ featuring vodka, limoncello, and house-made grenadine, topped with prosecco.
As for the music, when asked how and where he finds performers, Lumpkin said that, in many cases, they find him — because they’re looking for intriguing new places to play.
“You’d be surprised by all the talent that’s here in Western Mass. and Connecticut, and Boston as well,” he told BusinessWest. “The most consistent bookings we receive are within a 100-mile radius; however, we’ve had bands come in from New Orleans, Georgia, D.C., Sacramento ... we’ve had bands come in from across the country, but the majority are local.”
Dewey’s is currently booked through July, and it boasts live music five nights a week, he said,
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 thrown in for good measure. But he enjoys the challenges, and even used the word “fun” when talking about how to plan and execute during COVID.
“We would all prefer boring,” he explained. “But challenges like the ones we’ve seen keep you intrigued, keep you interested, and keep you cre- ative. And if you get to the core of what an entre- preneur is, it’s someone who is creative, who can find new ways to problem-solve, and find ways to increase volume or throw out new dishes or cocktails; it keeps it fresh and it keeps it new.”
Achievements of Note
It helps to have something new, different, and intriguing, and Dewey’s has those ingredients.
Specifically, this is an appealing mix of food, signature drinks, and music, a combination that has had many guests thinking they’re somewhere other than downtown Springfield when they walk in the door, said Lumpkin, adding that this was the idea when he conceptualized Dewey’s.
And, as noted, he emphasizes that it is a res- taurant first, with offerings ranging from Cajun
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