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 parking lot.
“It was a special meeting with one agenda
item, the decision to treat the lakes with alum,” he noted. Alum — or aluminum sulfate — is commonly used to keep algae blooms down and improve water quality. “The timing was impor- tant because we had to treat the lakes by the first week of April, otherwise the alum would not be effective.”
In 2020, Stinehart noted, it was especially important to make the lakes usable. “People couldn’t wait to get outside and do something rec-
“People couldn’t wait to get outside and do something recreational, so we made sure the lakes were ready for the summer.”
reational, so we made sure the lakes were ready for the summer.”
People also spent more time in their yards, which benefited Southwick farmers. Fox said area farms sold more plants for flower beds than ever before in 2020. “Most plants sold out early because people were stuck at home and wanted to get outside to do things in their yard.”
The pandemic also delayed the full celebration of Southwick’s 250th anniversary from happening in 2020. After a kickoff event on New Year’s Eve in 2019 that brought out hundreds of residents and featured fireworks, an outdoor event in February 2020 followed, featuring ice sculptures. Then the
pandemic kicked in and put further events on hold.
On Nov. 7, the actual 250th anniversary of the town’s founding, officials in Southwick arranged a call with officials in Southwick, England. That was followed by a parade that traveled through all the neighborhoods in town.
“It was a rolling parade that was well-received because people could go out their door or to the end of their street to see it,” Stinehart said. “The people in town really appreciated it.”
The 250th celebration still has one event remaining, a full parade for people to attend on Oct. 16 with fireworks later that evening at Whal- ley Park. Fox called the October events a “belated
The west side of the Greens of Southwick is almost full, while homes on the east side have yet to be constructed.
birthday celebration.”
Both Stinehart and Fox have been impressed
with the interest in the anniversary, as more than 50 residents joined the organizing committee for the 250th celebration.
“We had a good mix of people on the commit- tee, some who had just moved to town and others who have lived here their entire lives,” Fox said.
Stinehart quickly added, “no other committee
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