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   Laura Mangini
Partner, Alekman DiTusa; Age 32
Laura Mangini is a huge fan of true crime. Her podcast list is dominated by shows within that genre, and her bookshelves boast
several selections from that broad category. This has been pretty much a lifelong passion,
or obsession, she told BusinessWest, adding that she entered Westfield State University’s criminal justice program with the intention of one day joining the FBI as a profiler.
Her career path changed when one of
those CJ classes gave her an introduction to,
and an appreciation for, the judiciary system.
She attended law school at UConn and, upon graduation, soon joined the Springfield-based firm Alekman DiTusa, becoming a partner this past January.
She specializes in personal injury, and also representing victims of crime, sexual abuse, and sexual assault, as well as those taken advantage of by insurance companies. In one recent high- profile case, she obtained a $2.5 million verdict on behalf of a 28-year-old man from the Berkshires who was sexually abused by his mother’s live-in boyfriend as a child.
“I love litigating and the adrenaline that comes along with that,” she said. “But what’s rewarding is doing the work for the clients; especially in the crime-victims area, many of your clients are people who have been pushed aside, or no one
has taken them seriously, or no one has stood up for them. The most rewarding part for me is to be that person who stood up for them.”
Mangini is active with a number of professional associations. She is currently co-chair of the Western Mass. Committee of the Women’s
Bar Assoc., and has served on the board of the Hampden County Bar Assoc. since 2015. She is also a member of the Massachusetts Academy
of Trial Lawyers, the National Crime Victims Bar Assoc., and the American Assoc. of Justice.
In the community, she volunteers her time with both the District Court and Housing Court Lawyer for a Day programs, and frequently participates in the Lawyer on the Line program, in which lawyers volunteer to provide free legal advice via a phone bank set up by the bar association. She is also active in her firm’s community-outreach efforts, volunteering for Revitalize Community Development Corp.’s annual GreenNFit Neighborhood Rebuild day each year.
When not working, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and hanging out with her chocolate lab.
—George O’Brien
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