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   Lauren Ostberg
Attorney, Bulkley Richardson; Age 35
Lauren Ostberg took a winding road to Western Mass. — as one can see from the maps she and her husband and two sons are holding up in
the accompanying photo.
Indeed, she’s also lived in Ohio (she
grew up there), Vermont, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Montana (“it’s delightful — and cold — there, but there are no speed limits in most places”), and also Argentina
for a short time.
She and her husband came to Western
Mass. for a variety of reasons, and here, she’s found not only a home, but a professional niche, if you will — one
she wasn’t necessarily thinking about when attending law school at Vanderbilt: cybersecurity.
Indeed, Scott Foster, co-chair of Bulkley Richardson’s cybersecurity practice (and a 40 Under Forty honoree in 2011), describes her as the “heart and soul” of that group, and one of the driving forces in its creation.
to large groups on a variety of topics, including WISPs (written information security programs), and contributed to articles on this broad subject for publications including BusinessWest.
“It’s a lot of fun, both intellectually and in terms of the work on the ground,” she said of cybersecurity law. It’s fun intellectually because the law and its applicability are always changing — even the definition of ‘personal information’ is constantly changing.
“And you also get some of the adrenaline you get from litigation,” she went on, “in responding to potential breaches for clients, like writing notification letters to attorneys general, crafting notices to consumers, counseling people on whether or not to pay the ransom ... it’s all really interesting stuff, and very important.”
When not helping clients keep their businesses safe, Ostberg, who started her career as a freelance journalist and creative writer, is a regular participant in New England Public Media’s Valley Voices, with one of her stories taking the runner-up prize in the 2019 Valley Voices Championship. She is also active in the community, co-managing an annual fundraising campaign for the United Way of Pioneer Valley and also serving on Easthampton’s Cultural Council.
—George O’Brien
In this role, she has been instrumental in the launch of a well-respected series, CyberSafe, an in-person seminar turned virtual (because of COVID-19) that focuses on topics like preparation, implementation, and response to ensure that businesses and organizations are aware of their legal obligations; safeguards to stay protected; and what to in the event of a breach.
She has delivered cybersecurity presentations
      40 Under Forty
 Class of 2021!
   Lauren C. Ostberg
• Rising attorney in Cybersecurity, IP and Litigation
• Champion for social justice and equality
• Master of the art of storytelling
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