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Those at BusinessWest spend a great deal of time each year choosing a cover for their annual resource guide, and this year was no exception. The goal was to select an image that spoke of the region, its past, its future, its character, and its perseverance — a noteworthy attribute given the extreme challenges of the past several months.
We chose this image of Springfield’s Pynchon Park because ... well,
it does all that. The park, which was extensively renovated in 2020 and reopened to the public after being closed for many years, links the city’s past with its future, in the same way that it links its downtown enter- tainment venues with what is perhaps the city’s crown jewel — the Quadrangle.
In many ways, the Pynchon Park restoration represents perseverance and determination on the part of the Springfield officials, who wanted to restore something that had been lost for decades. It also represents a new and resurgent Springfield, if you will, one that holds enormous promise as a destination and place for people to live, work, and conduct business.
That new and resurgent Springfield, like the rest of this region, has been seriously tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has damp- ened many forms of progress and momentum. But ultimately, there is hope that when better times arrive — and they seem closer every day — Springfield and the surrounding region will emerge stronger and more resilient for having withstood this crisis.
The same can be said of the region’s business community. It, too, has been challenged by the pandemic. Virtually every business has been impacted in some way, and some, unfortunately, have not survived.
Most have, though, and their fortitude, their determination to with- stand adversity, find ways to adapt, pivot, and continue to serve their customers, is celebrated in this annual guide.
BusinessWest’s annual Resource Guide helps tell a story — actually, thousands of stories. The 200 or so pages that follow provide information on myriad businesses, nonprofits, and regional institutions. Together, these snapshots convey the size, strength, and diversity of this region’s business community and how, as a group, they contribute to the still vibrant, always changing economy of Western Mass.
We urge you to make full use of the information this guide contains (it is also available as a flipbook at to both grow your company and grasp the breadth and depth of the local business community.
Putting together this publication has been a months-long process, and we thank all those involved in making it reality. High praise goes to Art Director Mike Nasuti, Graphic Designer Danielle Fox, researchers Joe Bednar, Elizabeth Sears, and Cindy Sears, and our entire sales and mar- keting teams.
Special thanks to our sponsors and advertisers, whose support makes it possible to publish this great resource.
George O’Brien, Editor and Associate Publisher
John Gormally, Publisher
Kate Campiti, Sales Manager and Associate Publisher
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 On the Cover
Photo by Mike Nasuti
Springfield’s recently renovated Pynchon Park. The park, which was renovated in 2020, links Dwight Street and the many entertainment venues in the downtown area with the five museums at the Quadrangle.
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