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 Here when you need us, since 1921.
In the wake of the Great Depression, the Springfield Community Chest was here. We provided direct aid, institutional care, or foster homing for 15,402 people. We set up a confidential database to help all area nonprofits coordinate helping people in need. We distributed
40,092 articles of clothing to 7,650 families. And we gave 2,564 families a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner they otherwise could not have afforded, along with 6,017 toys for under their trees. We received $136k in extra donations and gave it to the agencies most equipped to help.
During World War II, the Springfield Community Chest was here. Along with the Springfield War Chest, we raised funds to both keep our soldiers’ spirits high and continue the fight against poverty at home. After the war, we became United Fund of Greater Springfield
and shifted our focus back to civilian needs and local healthcare services.
In 1972, United Way of Pioneer Valley was here. We continued to grow, merged with several other organizations, and grew our area of service to all of Hampden County, Granby, and South Hadley.
Last year, when Petula Williams wanted to buy her first home, United Way of Pioneer Valley was here. Through our Thrive financial coaching program, we gave her the advice she needed to make more money, pay her bills, and save up. After just 7 months, she saved over $15,000, increased her credit score by 50 points, and closed on a two-family house.
Today, United Way of Pioneer Valley is still here, still growing, and still improving lives in Western Massachusetts. We have 100 years of history, experience, and passion, and we make every dollar of support we receive count the most. Please consider making a gift at to continue our vital work in this difficult climate.
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Questions? Call Megan Moynihan at 413.693.0220.
Find a volunteer opportunity in the Pioneer Valley at

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