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 New Hampshire, and a few others, seem to be solid, if not shining, examples of how a state encompassing multiple different communities can effectively slow down the rate of transmission of the coronavirus,” he said. “More than 40 other states are seeing significant increases in numbers of new infections, while here, over the past sev- eral weeks, we have not seen that increase; rather, we’ve seen a plateauing at a very low level.”
“It’s painful, because we all want to get back to a sense of normalcy. It’s exhausting that you can’t do what you like to do the way you used to do it, and eventually we will be able to. But this approach has paid dividends; you get used to a little bit of a new normal, but you also know that you’re moving toward something.”
He punctuated those comments with some statistics from his facility. Indeed, he noted that hospitalizations stemming from COVID-19, which numbered in the 50s daily on average in April,
the height of the surge in this region, were down in the 20s in May, then the single digits in June. Starting in early July, there were several days when
32 JULY 20, 2020
there were no hospitalizations. Clearly, the state is doing
something right, or several things right, when it comes to blocking paths for the virus, and we’ll get to those. But this begs a number of questions — especially, ‘is this sustainable?’
The quick answer, said Roose and Artenstein, is ‘yes.’ But there are a number of caveats, espe- cially as more segments of the economy reopen in more cities, including Boston, and as the new school year is poised to begin. In their view, the Commonwealth has acted prudently in not open- ing too much of the economy
too quickly. Staying that course is essential, they said, adding that it appears the state is committed to the slow, steady, and safe method.
Meanwhile, travel is another key factor in this equation, both people from this state traveling
to others and people from other states coming here — actions that create paths for the virus, rather than block them.
Dr. Robert Roose says caution regarding travel will be one of many factors that will determine if the Bay State can continue its pattern of falling hospitalizations as a result of the pandemic.
          “Massachusetts and other states now doing well have been cautious in giving guidance to residents about limitations on travel and quaran- tining of individuals who have come from other states where there are7/1in6/c2r0e1a9sing numbers of
try; interstate travel represents one of our most significant risks in terms of keeping our rates of transmission is this local community low.”
But the biggest factor might be fatigue.
“It’s exhausting — for all of us; I’m not just
 infections,” Roose said. “To me, that is likely to be
the most significant factor going forward, because Trouble Seeing this Email? Try viewing it in a web browser.
talking about the healthcare side, I’m talking
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about life,” said Artenstein. “There are certain things that you just
 of the rates of infection in other parts of the coun-
miss having as social State
human beings. But Continued on page 43
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