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Bringing a Message to Life
Open Pixel Studios Helps Businesses Harness the Power of Animation
RBy Joseph Bednar
emote work might be all the rage right now, but it’s nothing new to the three partners at Open Pixel Studios.
“The future of work is working remotely, having the systems to do that, working with multiple people
across different disciplines across the same project — all in a remote environment,” said Will Colón, co-owner of the anima- tion studio he, Kathryn Taccone, and Karen Webb opened in 2017. These days, they work with freelancers across the U.S. to create content for business and nonprofit clients.
“We were doing the remote thing for quite a while before the pandemic hit,” Colón added. “The pandemic really raised the stakes on whether we were doing this correctly — it put us to the
 Will Colón, Kathryn Taccone, and Karen Webb all took different paths to a career in animation, but when the opportunity arose to launch their own company, they were certainly of one mind. That’s because they’re believers not only in the potential of animation in the business and nonprofit worlds, but that it’s still an underused tool, with plenty of room to grow. Four years after its inception, Open Pixel Studios is proving their conviction to be true.
From left, Kathryn Taccone, Karen Webb, and Will Colón discuss a project.
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