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 Jes Charette-Fallon
Director of Business Systems, Clinical & Support Options Inc.; Age 32
    Jes Charette-Fallon’s path to her current career has been a winding one; she originally studied political science and thought about becoming an attorney, and eventually earned a degree in art therapy.
But she then enrolled in a graduate program for mental-health counseling at Springfield College, where her time as a resident director laid bare some common needs. “I was responding to a lot of mental- health crises and got really involved in that; it felt like a natural fit.”
As part of her master’s program, she interned at Clinical & Support Options
(CSO) in 2012, then came on board as an employee in 2013. “I loved working with the Springfield population; to be able to work with such a diverse population was incredibly meaningful.”
Charette-Fallon moved up quickly in the organization, first as a clinical supervisor and most recently as director of Business Systems, a senior leadership position created out of a need to have someone with a clinical background handling the administration of electronic health records.
“People questioned my transition from the clinical area because I have such a strong calling, but it really is the best of both worlds,” she said. “I’m able to have
an impact on a larger scale, helping clients across all services, and also making the lives of our staff easier.
“We probably spend more time in our electronic health records than we spent with our family and friends,” she went on. “If our experience using that interface is not a positive one, we’re probably not going to deliver the best service to clients.”
At the same time, she keeps her hand in the clinical world at CSO, leading a support group for parents who have experienced trauma, and carrying a small caseload as well. “That keeps me connected to our very, very important mission,” she said, adding that she has advanced-practice certification in trauma-informed care, which is the organization’s treatment model in every program.
In her spare time, Charette-Fallon is an avid runner. “I was significantly overweight, and
I lost 100 pounds after I started running,”
she said. “I never thought I could run a marathon; then I did, and I kept doing it.
It’s been one of the most rewarding and stress-relieving experiences, and I’m really passionate about it. If I can do something that hard, I know I can do anything.”
—Joseph Bednar
    Our young professionals work to help real people.
Nonprofit community behavioral health agency CSO is proud
to honor the hard work and dedication of young professionals like 40 Under Forty recipient Jes Charette Fallon. Together, we use
best practices to enhance lives and strengthen communities.
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